Friday, September 26, 2008

Our State Fair is a great State Fair!

Enjoy the pictures! I'll come back in later and write the stories in.

--Alright, a couple of Saturdays ago three of my coworkers and I drove up to OK City for the State Fair.

Tim (from Louisiana/Missouri), Joe (New Mexico/Wyoming), and of course Jan (Canada/Netherlands) I was the only Okie. You know just this year I became a true Okie - I've lived here longer than anywhere else *sigh*.

We really enjoyed this one exhibit that was actually more for children. We got to see bugs, worms, and butterflies, and then they had various farm animals for everyone to pet. Like I haven't had my fair share of touching farm animals, but it was still a lot of fun.

Joe! These guys were great - they didn't mind posing for goofy pictures.

I learned how to spin wool. At one point later in the day, I complained about something that the guys were wanting to go see that I didn't have much interest in and Jan replied, "Jesse, we watched you spin wool." Ha, he got me there!

We watched a lumberjack show. Pretty corny but enjoyable. They asked for volunteers to come down and walk on the log (what is that called?) I really wanted to but the guy seemed to only be picking small children. I think Jan wanted to volunteer too. We meant to come back for another show but ran out of time.

Toyota had a little set up where you could test drive their vehicles in this "extreme" dirt course.

This motorcycle show was so incredibly cheesy, I couldn't stop laughing! The announcer kept building the acts up like they were super awesome, then they'd do something super simple. Like the girl that was going to twirl 24 hula hoops around her body - big production, drum roll, one revolution around her body, the hoops fall to the ground, her arms come up, TADAHHH!

While Tim and Jan were on a ride, Joe and I walked around. I hadn't played any of the games yet, so I didn't know how it worked, but Joe did. Apparently, you get several free tries until you actually make it, then the game costs 5 bucks and you win a prize. If you make it again, then the game cost 10 bucks and you get a bigger prize. So really, your just paying a high price for a stuffed animal. So Joe goes up to this booth and all he has to do is toss a ball into a big bucket about four feet away. He threw it way too hard and the ball came flying back out of the bucket. Joe claimed that there was a spring in the bottom of the bucket that popped the ball back out. The guy running the booth said, "Nooooo, you just have to hit the rim and the ball will roll right in!" Joe threw the ball again, but this time he completely missed the bucket. Anyway this went on for a while, and with each failed toss the guy became more and more exasperated with Joe until finally the guy was beating his booth yelling something about how stupid Okies are. And those carnival guys are freaky anyway! I didn't know what was going on! I was a little apprehensive at how Joe was going to respond to the man, but Joe just calmly walked away. It wasn't until later that I realized Joe had missed all those tosses on purpose because he didn't want to pay for his prize! Then it was funny!


Buck said...

It certainly doesn't look all that crowded! Didja go on opening day? Or mid-week?

Do they still have all the "planes on a stick" displays near the midway? I always thought those were way-cool, in the way-back.

Junk Diva said...

Randy and I can so do that motorcycle high wire act. Your folks should try it with a bicycle! I'll let your mom wear my little costume.

Inquiries said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Great pictures

I did not get to go to the state fair. :(

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

so...did you get funnel cake and a corn dog? or a pork chop sandwich?