Monday, August 4, 2008

Smokin' Cyclist

While we were bicycle shopping this past weekend, I saw this Tour De France poster hanging in one of the shops. Too funny, and kind of sweet. Things certainly have changed! Check out those water bottles. There is also a guy holding his arm up in the background. I never noticed him before - I was too astonished with the smoking cyclists!


Buck said...

Ah... a different time and place, eh? Makes ME nostalgic, if no one else. I'm saying this as a former smoker, of course.

Inquiries said...

Wow that is great! Good sportsmanship! ;)

Mezzo SF said...

God bless les francais . . . that is an awesome photo.

I had the chance once to be in Paris during the finish of the race in 2000. It was a pretty awesome spectacle to behold (but I didn't see any smoking bikers!)