Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Three years ago today, we headed home from a vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC.

John Blue and Cenee invited us to go with them on their vacation to help take care of their little boys, although they didn't leave their boys with us too much! Can't imagine why!!

Lindz and I went scuba diving. This was one of our first adventures. I didn't really care for scuba diving, but the whole experience - taking the lesson, meeting and making friends on the boat, getting sea sick - everything was awesome!
Here's a picture of Bobby, our cute scuba instructor. I think every one's heard the story about us training in the pool. We were supposed to be sitting on the pool floor doing exercises with our regulators. Only my bum kept floating up, so I would wave my hand around and try to swing my bum back down. Lindsay didn't realise this - she thought I was shamelessly flirting with Bobby. But you know... Bobby wasn't supposed to come out on the boat that day, but he told his boss that he wouldn't miss it for anything! If I had been him, I wouldn't have missed it for anything either. We had a good time! Lindsay had everyone in the boat rolling. They were literally thanking her for coming! Fantastic.

Jimmy Buffet our captain - he played Margaritaville over and over and over again while we were out there.

We also met some of our old Okie friends that now live in NC there.
If you're reading this Kathryn, hugs to you and your family!


RunningMad said...

It's hottie Bobby!

Bag Blog said...

Is there a picture of you and Lindz choking down the raw oysters because they were too expensive to not eat?

Buck said...

You have to rent lifeguards in Myrtle Beach? Or is he something like a lifeguard/escort? ;-)

Nice pics!

Skybag said...

I do have a picture of us eating the raw oysters, but I don't look so good. I'm not posting that pic! I only post unflattering pics of OTHER people ;)

I don't know, Buck. I wouldn't want to hire him as a lifeguard - he's asleep!

Kathryn said...

this was a great trip, and sort of unreal and random having you guys out here at the beach! You owe us another trip SOON :) Love!

Skybag said...

There you are Kathryn! It was a little random like a dream where you wake up and laugh and say, "You know what I just dreamed...go figure!" But coming to see you guys is always on my mind - one of these days it will happen!