Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet Nell

This is from the same trip as when we took the pictures spelling out Colorado (earlier post). While we were there in La Vita, the train from San Luis (It think) came through and stopped in La Vita. It was kind of like the train's maiden voyage across the mountains. The whole town showed up for it's arrival. I told Lindz to lay down on the tracks (after the train was good and stopped) for a picture. An older gentleman saw her, and got all upset. Once we explained to him what we were doing (and that she wasn't suicidal), he thought it was a great idea, he told Lindz to scream (which as you can see she did), and took a few pictures with his own camera.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Woulda been funny if that train blew a long whistle when she did that. Thats always been one of my fave pics of Lindz.

Skybag said...

Yeah, it's always been one of my favorites too.

I replied to your comment about the peach pie, but for some reason Blogger deleted both our comments and added an extra Smokin' Cylist post. Wierd, huh?