Monday, July 28, 2008

Norman Rockwell Bride

Lindz wore her blue jeans to go wedding dress shopping in, and for the life of us we couldn't figure out why the people in that one designer shop snubbed us!


Mezzo SF said...

Oh man, I've been wedding dress shopping with a handful of girlfriends in 3 different cities (Denver, Dallas & SF). Without fail - there has been at LEAST one real snooty snoot just all tied up in knots about something. (Both with and without the bride in blue jeans.) Go figure!

BTW...I love looking at your photos - you have a great eye for catching life's little moments. Thanks for sharing them here!

Inquiries said...

I wonder how Lindsay feels about you posting a pic of her rear. ;)

Skybag said...

Mezzo - Thanks! I'm glad you like my pics. And, I guess it's okay to run into snooty snoots every now and then - they do make for funny stories ;)

Ashley - Well, first I had to convince her that she had an amazing bum which she does. (I've always been a little bit jealous - having no bum of my own :) When I asked her if I could post this pic, she said I could post whatever I wanted! Booohahahahah!