Monday, July 7, 2008

The Proposal

Our last picture together *sniff*. The whole day before the proposal, everything was the last thing for me. Don't get me wrong - I was/am wicked excited, but it also felt like I was being led to the guillotine.

Here Lindsay sits, completely unaware that in 15 minutes Shay will ask her to be his wife. Reagan was really cracking me up!

Don't they look happy!?

Lindsay and Shay engaged on Independence Day 2008


Junk Diva said...

Sniff... An era has passed.

Buck said... also felt like I was being led to the guillotine.

Understandable, Jess. And the feeling is somewhat universal. I heard a LOT of this same sentiment expressed by TSMP's girlfriends when she and I got married, some from long standing friends, and some from more recent (e.g., college roomies) friends. The relationship changes but it WILL remain strong, if your experience is anything like TSMP's. She's still friends (and the relationships are deep, good ones) with most of the women that attended our wedding, and those that couldn't make it.

Great pics, too!

Course of Perfection said...

sniff sniff

Thank goodness you had Reagan with you for laughs!

Dawn said...

Buck says it well, the relationship changes but strengthens. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to watch you two grow up together. You've always been a source of cheer to me. And I so look forward to see what the Lord brings to your live's Jess, Good things :)
Love you guys much! and another thing,
Great photo's as usual ;-)

Inquiries said...

I thought about you when I heard the news.

Sniff sniff is right!

Great pictures