Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wake Boarding at Waurika Lake

Some of my coworkers took me wake boarding in exchange for a peach pie - fair trade, huh?! In this picture are my lovely toes, Rob an eccentric, fun loving Canadian wearing his "lake hat", and Jan in the distance who oddly enough is also Canadian. This was a great day - I absolutely love any sport that involves being drug (dragged?) behind a boat! I might have to make a couple more pies just to show my sincere gratitude for being allowed to tag along!


Inquiries said...

Fun! Great pic!

Buck said...

Wow, Jess... you sure do get oot and aboot a lot! (How's my Canadian? Eh?)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Certainly better than being drugged behind the boat!

So...if i let you use my golf clubs can i have a peach pie? Your prolly the best peach pie builder i know.

Skybag said...

Thanks, Ashley!

Buck - I thought you sounded more Scottish than Canadian :)

Piper - Better than being drugged anywhere! And, it's gonna take a little more than golf clubs to get a peach pie from me - no matter how much you flatter me! Besides the pie building is joint effort with Mom. I don't think she's too interested in golf clubs either.