Friday, July 25, 2008

Stratford Peach Festival

The Stratford Peach Festival was...well I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! Going by a fruit and vegetable stand on the way home was much more fun.
Here's Reagan and I sitting in the grass eating our lunch in 100+ degree weather.

Aunt B picking her peaches out.

The fun-loving gentleman at the fruit stand.

Mom making a pie (I made the dough).

Mmmmm, that's how I like my peaches!


RunningMad said...

So that's why you took pictures of your mom baking a pie.

I never had any... I spent a whole hour in Stratford with you, and you didn't even offer a peace of pie to me. I see how it is...

And it was HOT at the turtle races!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

hmmmm...interesting use of the phrase "peace of pie"...i'd give her a piece.

In other news...i still like your crust recipe...i'm no pie baker, so i still haven't used it...oddly intimidates me.

But i do likes me some wom paich paih!

BusyNothingness said...

Ha ha! I didn't even realize I did that. Now that's funny!

Dork alert!

Bag Blog said...

I think the phrase "peace of pie" was perfect. Maybe Rea should have left out the "of" and it would have read "...offer peace pie..." which would make sense.

Inquiries said...

Great pictures!

Course of Perfection said...

Aunt B looks very determined.

Pie offers peace.

Fire Fox said...

Oh great, now I'm hungry for pie. Nice post Jess... love the fruit and veggie pics... I haven't been to a farmers market in a while... feeling the need to go now!